Every month, we select real events that occurred recently around the country, from home invasion to car jacking to robberies. We recreate these events with you as the principal actor to allow you to experience the situation and see how you would have handled it.

In one day you will be immersed in two real scenarios, practice two other defensive reaction drills. You will also study defensive mindset and be able to review how the real event unraveled through media clips and testimonies. There are no other experience like it!


For well over a decade thousands of top-rated Law Enforcement and Military Instructors have exclusively used the proven World Class Simunition® Training System. This opportunity is now available to responsible law-abiding citizens! Our Certified Simunition Instructors can now train you with the most realistic, non-lethal, force-on-force and force-on-target training system !

In our increasingly violent world, proper training can mean the difference between life and death. Whether you are an individual wanting to be truly prepared to win a violent encounter, or you are a business owner wanting to be ready to respond to a robbery or active shooter scenario, Safe N Secure can provide you as realistic training as you will ever get.



This private course is taught to you in your home using advanced laser gun technology and an electronic target to simulate and practice responding to a home invasion.

​The course is heavily weighted towards practical exercises that are customized for the configuration of your home. Exercises take into consideration the most likely invasion scenarios, based on your house floor plan.

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Test your Defensive Skills Right Here in Fernandina!

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