Home Defense Training 


This private course is taught to you in your home using advanced laser gun technology and an electronic target to simulate and practice responding to a home invasion.

In this six hour class, you will learn:

  - Levels of Awareness
  - Managing Stress.
  - Shooting Positions.
  - Cover and Concealment
  - Managing Doors and Openings
  - Engaging Multiple Threats.
  - Progressing and Retreating.
  - Managing Shooting with Family in the ​ House.
  - Light holding Exercises (Pistol only)
  - Ammunition load transition (Shotgun ​ only).

​The course is heavily weighted towards practical exercises that are customized for the configuration of your home. Exercises take into consideration the most likely invasion scenarios, based on your house floor plan.

The goal of this course is two-fold:

1. Evaluate what can possibly and ​ reasonably be done to make you safer during a home invasion. 
2. Establish a position of strength so you can best defend yourself and your family. Course includes certificate, all ​ guns and equipment.


Real  story 

Safe N Secure is specialized in bringing your Concealed Carry Permit tin the most conformable environment:
Private training in our classroom in Fernandina Beach, OR, n the comfort of your own home. There are many reasons why you may want to complete your training in your own home.

Whether due to a need of privacy so people do not know you have a permit, or because you are a public figure, or because you have mobility issues or disabilities, Safe N Secure brings the training to you. 
This two to three hour class will teach you:
  - Rules of safety
  - Parts of a pistol
  - Types of pistols and actions
  - Loading/unloading a pistol
  - Ammunition identification -
   Fundamentals of pistol shooting

Shooting practice will take the form of a laser gun at an electronic target. Once you show proficiency, you will shoot one cartridge of .22 caliber at a target for qualification, using a self-contained, portable shooting range that fits on your table top. 

​Course includes certificate, conceal carry permit application, all guns and ammunition.


This 1-day private and exclusive workshop is an exploratory class on guns for the people new to shooting, or interested in learning more about guns before getting involved.
This course includes two components and a certification:
 - The NRA "Home Firearm Safety" Certification
 - The Safe N Secure "Discovery" component, which includes more than two dozen of firearms.
ATTENTION this course does not include any shooting and does not qualify to obtain a Florida Carry Permit.  You will be taught:
 - Rules for safe gun handling;
 - Causes of firearms accidents;
 - Firearm parts;
 - How to load and unload the following;
 - Pistols;
 - Shotguns;
 - Rifles;
 - Miscelaneous guns; 
 - Ammunition components;
 - Cleaning and Care;
 - Safe storage.

You will receive:
- NRA Home Firearm Safety handbook,
- NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure,
- Firearm Training Program brochure,
- Certificate of completion.
- Parent's Guide to Gun Safety

Concealed Weapon Permit


Firearm Safety & Discovery


Even if you are not considering to carry your gun concealed – it is nice to have options. Safe N Secure enables this option in the most comfortable and simple way yet, in your own home! Of course, you can always visit our convenience and private training facility as well. We teach there weekly right on the island, any evening of the week that is convenient to you.

If you are looking to purchase a gun, take our “Gun Test Drive” to handle a number of guns to help you find what fits you best! Then, gain the confidence and training you need to be safe and effective in the operation of your chosen gun.

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