Training Academy

Safe N Secure's latest Jungle Course / Team Building event!  The "River Crossing".  A full day of team training and building that will land you rope-crossing a river in full gear across our jungle doted with judiciously placed targets.  Built for teams from 4 to 8 people, this course can be extended to a two-day event that includes camping with night watch . . . and some surprises . . .

The “Beach Assault” jungle course is our physically most challenging Jungle Course.  It takes you up the river fending off targets on the bank as you paddle upstream as quietly as possible to land on a sandy beach and proceed into the swampy jungle.  Depending on the season you may find yourself in water up to your chest.  This whole day event will teach you:
- How to work in pair in a hostile environment.
- Hand signal communication.
- Area of responsibilities (AOR).
- Muzzle awareness.
- Basics of room clearing in our 360=degree shoothouse.
​This event is for two people maximum, but can be paired with another event to increase number of members up to 8 people.

What if . . . your spouse gets shot in the parking lot of Walmart . . . a friend gets hit during a hunting party . . . you pull someone with major burns out of a car accident . . . you come across an unconscious person whose half the face has been shattered by a terrorist explosion.  

​Would you REALLY know what to do and be able to REALLY help instead of being sorry? The best and only way to prepare is to make the training as realistic as possible.  This is not classroom learning, but action and decision learning.  This one-day-long NorthStar Combat Medic training is what you need if you are serious about preparedness.  Hosted at the DrOpZOne by Safe N Secure

The Jungle Course Swamp Run is a unique and educational event designed to give you a taste of the reality of lurking on hostile terrain sliding down into murky swamp water in full gear to progress quietly to complete a fun mission while having to engage hostiles from all directions and even taking a guard down from behind.

​Only available in high-water season, this event will have you go 100% under water five times to come out facing a new array of targets to engage.

Safe N Secure coined the term “Adventure Shooting” and has expanded it into Team Building activities that will help your team bond far beyond what common team building game do.

In order for members of a team to truly connect, trust and respect must be earned. It requires that they share more than just fun and cute activities.  With Safe N Secure Team Building events your team will go through course of events when relying on one-another will be more than winning or losing a game.  It will mean making it through the end of the course or quitting.

​We offer one-day, two-day and three-day events, all customizable and that include too many options to list on a website.  Call us to talk about your team and your needs.  Or, call us to enjoy our basic jungle courses! 

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